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Stertil Group takes over Schiltz's French Dock Products Sales Company

09/11/19 | Haberler

Kootstertille, The Netherlands 11th September 2019
The Stertil Group B.V. Announce Continued Commitment and Development to the Loading Bay Equipment Business and Logistics, Distribution and Material Handling Industries with the Take-Over of the Schiltz’s Holding Company’s French Sales Company. The Stertil Group B.V. Announce Continued Commitment and Development to the Loading Bay Equipment Business and Logistics, Distribution and Material Handling Industries with the Take-Over of the Schiltz’s Holding Company’s French Sales Company.Complete quality loading and unloading solutions

Stertil Group B.V. Kootstertille, are proud to announce the official signing on 1st July 2019 for the takeover of the French sales company Dock Products France from their distributor Schiltz n.v. in Belgium. Since 1985 Schiltz has been the exclusive distributor for the Stertil Dock Products range of loading bay equipment in Belgium under the name Tecsi Dock Products and since 2007 the exclusive distributor for the Stertil Dock Products in France. They have an excellent reputation and rapport with local and international companies from a broad range of customers in the logistics, distribution and material handling industries. Schiltz’s strategy is to focus on continuing to grow their position within the Belgian market for loading bay equipment solutions. 

This was the opportunity the Stertil Group B.V. were looking for to take-over Schiltz’s French division to support their strategic goal of growing the Stertil Dock Products business and at the same time giving Schiltz the possibility to realise their strategic goal and to focus and expand in their home market Belgium. A win win situation for both. Stertil Dock Products, France supply a complete range of loading bay equipment to the French market including loading bay dock doors and other accessories.

take-over French sales company

Dominique Van Nieuwenhove will continue his role as leading the Stertil Dock Products France organisation and Denis Brondel, the current Managing Director of Stertil Equip ‘VI SAS has been named as the Managing Director of Stertil France.

(From left to right: Bennie Stapensea, Dominique Van Nieuwenhove, Bertrand Schiltz, Ulbe Bijlsma,
Didier Schiltz, Denis Brondel, Alexander Penninck)



Bennie Stapensea, Marketing & Sales Director of the Stertil Group B.V. 
“We have had the ambition for many years to grow the business for Stertil Dock Products and improve our market position in the French loading bay equipment market and thus, we have been in discussions for several years with regard to taking over the French company from Schiltz. That is why it was already decided at that time to change the name of the French company from Schiltz to Stertil Dock Products France in order to create brand awareness for the Stertil tradename more widely throughout France. The acquisition is not only of great significance to the Stertil Group B.V. for the continued growth and further investment in Stertil Dock Products internationalisation but we want to continue now and, in the future, to offer high quality solutions to our French customers.”

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About the Stertil Group
The Stertil Group with its head office in Kootstertille, the Netherlands, develops, produces and sells high-quality products for the global garage workshop, logistics and transport markets.
The Stertil Group has 460 employees and 10 Stertil subsidiaries worldwide with 230 employees working at the site in Kootstertille. The Stertil Group has its own sales offices in the U.S.A., Germany, France, UK China, The Netherlands, Poland and Turkey and with more than 80 exclusive distributors globally. The Stertil Group has its own innovation department with a comprehensive research & development. Supplying the world from production facilities in the Netherlands, USA and China.
Stertil Dock Products has been developing and supplying superior customised solutions for distribution centres and warehouses internationally for nearly fifty years. Our loading bay dock solutions are the result of long-term experience, continuous investment in innovation and commitment to the logistics and distribution industries. Stertil Dock Products are frequently used in BREEAM certified projects; the world's leading sustainability assessment method for master-planning projects, infrastructure and buildings.
These superior solutions are developed and implemented by a team of professional product specialists and supported by a complete network of Stertil Dock Products Certified Service Engineers.
Providing customers with high quality, differentiated superior loading and unloading solutions.

About Schiltz n.v./sa
For more than 65 years, technical products in the metal and steel industries. Since the 1970s as technical installation for professional docking equipment for vehicle loading and unloading; safety in any area dedicated to the transport and handling of goods. Previously under the brands CLEVERDOCK, KELLEY and SCHILTZ CONCEPT, and today under our own name.
Our team consists of engineers, sales people and assembly technicians who perfectly master the entire process from start to finish. A good part of the equipment is manufactured in at the Stertil Dock Products plant in the North of the Netherlands (Kootstertille) with high-performance production equipment (laser cutting, welding robots) and a continued investment in the production industry.

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