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Automatically Secures a parked swap body container


The COMBILOK® SWAP from Stertil Dock Products is a patented system combining the advantages of preventing unauthorised pick-up of a parked swap body container and restraining other commercial vehicles in order to prevent premature departure or "vehicle creep". Suitable for both existing and new warehouses and distribution centres.

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  • Maximum Safety
  • Ultimate Versatility
  • Durable galvanised sturdy construction
  • Audio and visual safety options
  • Reliable Stertil® hydraulic system
  • TÜV approved - according to EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Key Features

Maximum Versatility

The COMBILOK® SWAP offers maximum versatility. On the control panel in the warehouse or distribution centre it is easy to switch from swap body container protection to commercial vehicle restraint system with the rotary switch. A dual system with advanced technology.

Used for preventing unauthorised pick-up of a parked swap body container or for restraining commercial vehicles with a restraining height of up to 350 mm.

COMBILOK SWAP restraint for parked swap body container

2-in-1 system: Theft & Accident Prevention

The COMBILOK® SWAP assists the vehicle driver with the precise positioning of a swap body container or a commercial vehicle with trailer. Activation of the COMBILOK® SWAP is done by trained warehouse personnel.

1. Prevent unauthorised pick-up of a parked swap body

As soon as the activation of the COMBILOK® SWAP is carried out, the traffic light outside turns red. The blocking arm is automatically extended and brought into position. The COMBILOK® SWAP prevents vehicles from getting far enough under the swap body to reach the attachment points. Unauthorised pick-ups are now a thing of the past.

2. Automatic vehicle restraint system

Used as an automatic vehicle restraint, the system restrains a commercial vehicle preventing both premature departure of the vehicle from the loading bay dock as well as "vehicle creep".


The intuitive and user-friendly Stertil® control panel with LED visualisation makes it easy for warehouse personnel to see how the system is operated step by step. There is a synchronised safety system both inside and outside of the building.

Automatic Detection

As soon as the COMBILOK® SWAP is activated the system automatically secures the parked container swap body or as a vehicle restraint accurately determines the position of the rearmost wheel, whereupon the wheel block is automatically extended.


When the COMBILOK® SWAP is deactivated the swap body container can be safely picked-up. The same applies when the system is used as a vehicle restraint, the driver can continue on his way as soon as the traffic light outside turns green.

  • Activation
  • Automatic Detection
  • Deactivation

Contra Wheel Guide

The durable galvanised sturdy construction has an optional integrated wheel guide. For increased safety and preventing damage of docking vehicles.

Audio & Visual Safety Signals

Standard sound alarm and visual safety signals during activation and deactivation ensures absolute visibility and safe guidance for the driver.

Technical Specificatons

  • Length 7.5 m, required installation space 8.5 m
  • Maximum restraining height 350 mm
  • Electrical hydraulically operated via a microprocessor
  • Hydraulics capacity 215 bar
  • Electrical capacity 2.2 kW
  • Pull-out force 147 kN
  • Blocking pressure vechile restraint system 14 kN
  • Manual emergency release possible at all times
Stertil COMBILOK SWAP switch

The Next Level in Safety!

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