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Hollanda Groningen Zuidbroek 'de NVO Taşımacılık

Loading Bay Shelters and Levellers and coloured curtain shelters

NVO Transport BV in Zuidbroek, Groningen in the North of The Netherlands have invested in a more than 7 acre site. NVO Transport are proud of their company and of course corporate colours and wanted to reflect this in their new warehousing facility.
Due to their location close to the motorway, they really stand-out. NVO Transport are specialised in transporting palletised products between the Netherlands and Scandinavia. They are a co-operative of 180 companies. Twenty six new docks have been placed with NVO Transport corporate green curtain shelters from the WL series, heavy duty 8 tons open-hinged swing lip levellers and PE bumpers.

An effective and impactful way of increasing your brand identity. Although the green is very vibrant but also blends well with the Dutch landscape.

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Interview with Mr. Drijfhout, Managing Director NVO Transport BV


"We are proud of our transport company composed of 59 different companies and we wanted this new investment project in the Golden Triangle of the north of The Netherlands, to reflect it. That’s why we chose the NVO Transport green for the curtain shelters. We are very happy with the 26 new docks which Stertil Dock Products helped us to design for our new distribution and warehousing facility”.

Wheel Guides for Accurate Vehicle Positioning

Heavy duty 8 tons Open-Hinged Swing Lip Leveller.

Safe, easy and efficient loading and unloading.