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With Flying Colours, CeMat 2018, Hannover. Demonstrating what colour can do for you...

06/01/18 | Haberler


With flying colours at the CeMat 2018 in Hannover, we demonstrated what's possible with colour.

Get seen from a distance and enhance your brand awareness. Use your corporate house style to colour your loading bays.

In Hannover we showed a few customer examples from international market players in warehousing and distribution; how colour can make a big difference. What an effective way of getting noticed and reinforcing your brand. Black is of course the standard traditional colour for loading bay shelter curtains, but why not freshen-up and colour your warehousing facility or distribution centre? 

We also showed a compact array of major loading bay solutions for a wide range of industries and applications and all with health, safety and the environment in mind.
The bespoke COMBILOK ® vehicle restraint system as well as the innovative EDGEDOCK leveller show how a solution is just round the corner for all types, shapes and sizes of logistics centres.

So we challenge you today.. brighten-up your loading bays and find the right and safe solution for your loading and unloading challenges.
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